ACPM E-Learning

Moodle based, customizable, secure e-learning platform

ACPM E-LEARNING is an intuitive, easy to use online learning platform with high level of security features.

The system was built to enable schools, universities, corporations and institutions of any sort to utilize e-learning in a secure and progressive way across the entire organization.

Organize members of the school or institution in different groups and courses. Record live classroom sessions in a secure way for later review. Give online lectures in closed or open groups, to up to hundreds of participants with screen-sharing and video call functionality.

No matter the obstacle, the ACPM E-LEARNING platform and its consultants are ready to help your organization tackle them when it comes to remote learning!

Main features

  • live online classes with video-conference
  • live screen-sharing
  • built-in calendar and file sharing
  • live online exams and review
  • supports smartphone, tablet, desktop
  • record and re-use class sessions
  • browser-based system
  • integrated into client’s servers in place
  • GDPR compliant

Advantages of ACPM E-learning

Use case: online education

ACPM E-LEARNING offers a versatile solution for schools and education institutions when it comes to remote learning. Our experts can implement the platform in a matter of days – even remotely – so that your organization does not waste a second.


Course management

Interactive online course


Live classrooms with video conferencing

Live classroom with screen sharing

Grade management

File management

Internal live chat


Implementation roadmap

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