Secure Computer User (CSCU)

Course Description

The CSCU training program aims at equipping the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their information assets. The program is designed to interactively teach the students about the whole gamut of information security threats they face ranging from identity theft and credit card fraud to their physical safety. The skills acquired during the course of this program will not only help the students to identify these threats but also to mitigate them effectively.

Note that CSCU do not have iLabs available currently.

This course is specifically designed for todays’ computer users who uses the internet and the www extensively to work, study and play.

This certification is an excellent complement to

educational offerings in the domain of security and


  • Cloud Security, Password Security, Social Engineering, Countermeasures, Mitigating Identity Theft, Email Security, Safe Browsing, Data Protection, Physical Security, Mobile Device Security, Data Backup, Social Network Security, Antiviruses Protection, Disaster Recovery, Internet Security, Credit Card Security, Monitoring Kids Online, Wireless & Home Network Security, OS Security

Course outline

  • Introduction to Security
  • Securing Operating Systems
  • Malware and Antivirus
  • Internet Security
  • Security on Social Networking Sites
  • Securing Email Communications
  • Securing Mobile Devices
  • Securing the Cloud
  • Securing Network Connections
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Information about the course and the exam

What is CSCU?

The purpose of the CSCU training

program is to provide individuals with

the necessary knowledge & skills to

protect their information assets.

Course Content

This class will immerse students in an interactive environment where they will acquire a fundamental understanding of various computer & network  security threats such as identity theft, credit card fraud, online banking phishing scams, virus & backdoors, emails hoaxes, sex offenders lurking online, loss of confidential information & social engineering.

Who’s It For?

  • Todays' computer users who use the internet extensively to work, study and play.

Why Cyber Security Awareness Training?

  • Threat Landscape - The threat landscape changes constantly & security awareness is a perishable skill. Continually training your employees on new & emerging threats creates a safer employee & a safer organization.
  • Regulatory Requirements - Regulations such as GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, & Sarbanes-Oxley require security awareness training because people are still a weak link in IT security.
  • Bring Your Own Devices policies (BYOD) - Your network is less because your staff are using devices & connections that are outside your security policy. BYOD requires a good security training program.

Exam Information

    Certified Secure Computer User
    2 Hours
    ECC Exam Portal
    Multiple Choice

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