Our comprehensive CA solutions provide a whole range of CA functionality for issuing and managing certificates.

You will be able to issue and manage all functions related to various digital certificates (issuance, suspension, reinstation, revocation). Controll status information about the certificates (valid, suspended, revoked) in Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and online certificate status information by using OCSP:

  • secure certificate management;
  • revocation services;
  • CA key operations;
  • authentication and access right management;
  • logging and redundancy;
  • secure key management.

For a detailed description on our Certification Authority services, click here.

IT Security

Our experience in IT auditing and security across multiple industries allows us to help our clients see their challenges from a new perspective. Our experts have over 20 years of experience in various fields of IT Security.

Our key IT security functions are the following:

  • Penetration testing / ethical hacking
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Information leakage exploration and prevention
  • IT forensic services (legal forensic and legal support, evidence collection)
  • Defensive and offensive cybersecurity training courses

IT Audits and project management

We provide audit services into IT systems of organizations with various business profiles. We also handle project management tasks related to IT projects as well as strategic planning related to it. Our range of services on this field are:

Our range of services on this field are:

  • Information system auditing according to international standards (ISO 27001, COBIT, BS 7799, CC)
  • IT strategy development and implementation
  • ISO 27001 consulting – preparation, implementation, quality assurance
  • Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) consulting and implementation support

XBRL advisory and support

We are working with a team of internationally experienced specialists who are able to provide extensive support to any organization trying to manage its XBRL compliance and operational challenges. When addressing regulatory reporting or lodgment requirements, easy access to insightful and up-to-date information is vital in achieving business goals.


We provide a great variety of training programs in the different fields of IT security. From introductory training programs, management IT security training programs to in-depth defensive and offensive cybersecurity training courses, we cover an extensive range of topics related to information technology. ACPM’s experts are ready to provide your team with IT trainings in our facilities or your own office, according to your requirements. We are also able to customize trainings programs for to your specific needs. For our current range of training courses, please get in contact with us here.

Our credentials

Our experts provide IT Security professional services to a number of prestigious multinational companies in Hungary and world-wide.

Our core team includes experts in fields of IT Security and Ethical hacking as well as IT consultancy and IT management.

Our advantage:

  • Research and development of proprietary ethical hacking tools
  • Information system auditing according to international standards (ISO 27001, COBIT, BS 7799, CC)
  • Development of custom exploits
  • Security testing of know operating systems and software
  • Audit methodology based on international IT security standards (OWASP, BSI, CC)
  • Professional resources with international certificates (CISSP, CEH, OSCP, OSCE)